The College School

Today and tomorrow we are hosting a group of volunteers from The College School in Missouri at both our 10th Street and South Salcedo work sites. If they came for an interior painting party, they definitely got what they wanted. We thank them for their time and their generous donation to YRNO! Action shots? But of course.         Prince with da 10th Street crew.   Gettin’ low.     Let’s make it a trio.     Bend those knees!     Get it on thick.   Floor duty.   Sanding in the back.   In the cuckoo’s […]

Calvert Hall

This week we had rotating groups of five from Calvert Hall College High School in Baltimore volunteering with us at our 10th Street work site. We were mainly in the interior painting stage and we have pictures from all three crews below.         Taping it up.     Supervisin’.   Did somebody get sent to the corner?   Hijinx at the Wheeling Jesuit wall.    

Tulane faculty and staff

As the Cowen Service Challenge comes to a close, we had a group of Tulane faculty and staff members at both our work sites today racking up hours as part of the annual Wave of Green Day of Service. At South Salcedo, they got straight to work painting, sanding and mudding, as you can see below. We thank them for their time and their generous donation to YRNO! Will gives the safety speech. Make sense, make sense?           Guess which one is the YRNO board member.     Our fearless leader gives instruction.     Right […]

Academy of the Sacred Heart

For Good Friday, we had a group of ladies from the Academy of the Sacred Heart in Grand Coteau volunteering at both our 10th Street and South Salcedo work sites. Painting, cleaning, mudding, sanding…they did it all! Check out the action below.           I’ll sweep; you vacuum.      

Chicago Public Schools

This week we have repeat visitors from the Chicago Public Schools volunteering at both our South Salcedo and 10th Street work sites. They’re rotating groups between going out and having fun in New Orleans and getting down to business at YRNO–not to suggest that we’re not fun too, of course! We’ve got visual evidence–and some humorous captions–below. Coach Whitman huddles ’em up at Salcedo and preaches tempo.     Murph’s Twilight Zone casting call?     Freshman or sophomore?     Friends patch things up.                

Global Youth Service Day

Saturday we had high school students from Carver and Jesuit working on special projects as part of Global Youth Service Day activities. At Carver, gardening was the mission, with planters for vegetables and herbs getting built and filled. Meanwhile, Jesuit students were tasked with building a wheelchair ramp and some yardwork. Check out the action below! Update: The New Orleans Advocate also published pictures from Carver. Building a planter.   Getting the soil.     Team planting.     Working in unison.   Hey, turn off that camera!   Who’s better than us?     Hey grass, you goin’ down! […]

Roeper School

Today we had a group of volunteers from the Roeper School in Michigan at our South Salcedo work site. Coincidentally, this crew was staying in the same French Quarter hotel as our previous volunteer group from San Francisco. We had plenty of tasks for them to do–including sanding–and these Roughriders were great at smoothing things out! Who knew? Murph teaches no fear.           Team trim.     Sitting down on the job.     Up close and personal.     Working out back.  

Hills to NOLA

This week we have a group from Wayne Hills High School in New Jersey staying in our bunkhouse and volunteering at our 10th Street work site. They’re a YRNO “repeat customer” and they got right down to business. Check out what Prince and Chris have had ’em doing below. In the spotlight.   “It’s dusty in here.”   Smoothing it out.   Working in tandem.   Too much fun.   Working in solitude.   What to do about that crack?   Cover it up!     Smile for the camera!  

Lycee Francais

Today and tomorrow we have a group of volunteers from Lycée Français in San Francisco classing up our South Salcedo work site with their impeccable French. Taping, mudding, sanding and pretty much anything else comes off better en francais, oui? Check out this morning’s action below. Merci, mes amis! Murph obviously just cracked another joke.     Fill ’em up!     Dvhante demonstrates how it’s done.     The view from above.    

Newcomb-Tulane College Dean’s Advisory Council

Today we had a small but mighty group of volunteers from the Newcomb-Tulane College Dean’s Advisory Council at our South Salcedo work site, including an encore performance from Nancy Rebold, who worked at our now completed home at that location last October and helped us out with a generous donation after we were burglarized in January. The cowboy hat was back, along with some of her friends, who tackled both interior and exterior tasks. We thank them for their time and hope YRNO becomes a regular part of their agenda! Murph doles out work assignments.     Is Will really […]