Staff spotlight: Murph

He’s in the flag football Hall of Fame, has worked with the Saints equipment department for over 40 years, taught learning disabled students in New Orleans schools for more than 30, and now, at least for the next year, is the construction manager at Youth Rebuilding New Orleans. Meet Ken “Murph” Whitman, storyteller extraordinaire. But wait.  Isn’t “Murph” normally a nickname for someone named Murphy? “My great grandmother had over 150 great grandchildren,” Whitman recently explained at YRNO’s rebuild site on South Salcedo.  “She had 13 children and then she adopted a guy—Uncle Lawrence—and he lived on the porch, so […]

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Village

All the way from Maryland, we had 20 volunteers join us Thursday morning for a painting party at our rebuild site on South Salcedo Street. The motto of Ladies and Gentlemen of the Village is “Building community as we build families!”  Its goals are to increase academic scholars, productive careerists and good citizens. The crew started with an introduction and pep talk from Murph and Jack.   Stevie painting a door.   Warren and Dewayne on the ladders while Horace assists.   An assembly line with the rollers.   Marcus showing off the doors he painted.  

YRNO Offers Opportunity For Students And Teachers To Volunteer

Youth Rebuilding New Orleans is proud to offer local students and teachers an opportunity to volunteer in the community. Partnering with various high schools in the area, YRNO allows students to complete service hours and build skills for the future. From participating in general volunteering activities to coordinating larger events, participants are able to gain valuable experience for their academic and professional careers. Many New Orleans students are required to complete service hours each year. By partnering with the following schools, our organization makes it easy for students to find opportunities that are educational, as well as fun. YRNO partners […]